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  • CNAF Madrid 2018

    In this link you can see the complete presentation that Pepe Gutierrez gave during the last Congreso Nacional de Adminitradores de Fincas, held in Madrid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUCyZq9lqFE&feature=share

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  • Meamcon 2018

    Here is an interesting debate in which Pepe Gutierrez had the opportunity to represent the Spanish property managers.

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  • San Marino

    Pepe Gutierrez gave a lecture last weekend at the Revolution 2018 event in San Marino. It was attended by more than 300 people who enjoyed Pepe´s performance.

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  • Pepe Gutierrez Interview

    This week our CEO Pepe Gutierrez was inteviewed by the well-known blog Sintetia. Check out the full interview (in spanish) at https://www.sintetia.com/pepe-gutierrez-estan-emergiendo-los-administradores-de-fincas-sin- fincas-solo-gestionan-y-valorizan-datos/

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  • See you in Argentina

    On October 4th we will be in Argentina together with Gestionar, below is the video presentation of the talk. We hope you enjoy it

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  • Administrâpolis in Bali

    From September 7th to 10th we have attended Bali, where our CEO Pepe Gutierrez has given a lecture on his innovative perspective in the property management sector. During the days

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    From October 8 our company will be present at GITEX Technology Week, a game-changing, must-attend event located in Dubai, UAE – the world’s fastest growing technology hub

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