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Productos & Prototipos

Estos son los proyectos en los que estamos trabajando, algunos ya son realidades comerciales, otros todavía están en un período de maduración, pero todos son proyectos interesantes.


Sometimes it seems that with our work structures we don’t get to solve all the open issues, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, e-mails keep piling up and that we aren’t able to do everything even though we work for hours.

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Business Intelligent

All the information presented in a complete and easy to assimilate format We are all aware of the difficulties to make a proper communication, especially when presenting financial results. Let’s be honest, when we present numbers and more numbers it

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Digital Signage

It’s presented as a current business challenge, but at Administrâpolis we have taken another step forward and moved towards the “Community of Paperless Owners”. Until today, our communication of incidences,our messages to the Property Owners’ Community in the building’s physical

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Apertura de puertas

Who hasn’t left his wallet or keys at home, who hasn’t lost his umbrella or doesn’t remember where we put the damn pen. The reality is that with the passage of time and the haste, the only thing we have

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Reconocimiento facial

Good afternoon, Mr. Heche! or good afternoon, Who are you? It is not the same using the first sentence than using the second one. It’s not the same to deal with your client by his name than having to ask

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Sensores & IoT

It’s difficult to explain the possibilities of Administrâpolis IoT sensors in property management because the applications are very diverse. We can talk about: pools where IOT sensors give us real-time information on pH, chlorine level or water temperature. we can explain that a

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