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Sometimes it seems that with our work structures we don’t get to solve all the open issues, the phone doesn’t stop ringing, e-mails keep piling up and that we aren’t able to do everything even though we work for hours.

This situation will no longer happen with the Administrâpolis Chatbot, because the Administrâpolis Chatbot operates 24/7 without interruptions, without being tired, without problems and always maintaining empathy with the customer, WHO is able to reach the human operator when necessary.

Our Chatbot can solve a wide range of tasks:

  • If the client wants to know information about the community insurance policy, Chabot can provide it.
  • Chatbot can inform the customer about the state of his community payments.
  • It can inform on the date or the contents of an upcoming Community Assembly.

In addition, the Administrâpolis Chatbot user has always the possibility of resorting to personal attention by requesting the intervention of a service operator at the other side of the online service or requesting an automatic phone call that will get to the service operator during the opening hours or a missed phone call request that will be received in our mobile devices if our system is busy, out of hours or coverage.

And all this with a comfortable and secure customer identification process that will only have to be done once, as long as the customer does not change his phone number or the channel to contact the Property Management