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All the information presented in a complete and easy to assimilate format

We are all aware of the difficulties to make a proper communication, especially when presenting financial results. Let’s be honest, when we present numbers and more numbers it becomes arid or even difficult to follow.

Most of our clients don’t have time to check these accounts line by line. Some may even find it difficult to understand.

A quality service is more than a perfect and audited accounting. A quality service must include ease of understanding statements and budgets so we don’t feel as if we were wasting our precious and limited time. Here’s where the Administrâpolis infographics raise the quality of service into another level.

The whole budget in one image and the economic outlook for next year at a glance in a second. And in just a second we’ll see and assimilate the economic situation of the last financial statement. What else can you ask for?

Although it seems impossible, the answer is yes, you can ask for more, because we can also offer you:

Visual warnings,
Signs designed for the Property, with them you’ll have useful images to notice something as simple as an elevator out of service or whatever you want, the limit is your imagination.
Visual identification of the substitute concierge, the contractor,
Warnings in a special weather conditions eg. If it’s going to rain hard, please check your terrace sinkhole to prevent flooding.
Or to communicate incidences at the swimming pool, temperature issues, chemical levels at the pool, usage rate and occupancy rate.
And all this comes in two versions:

on the traditional paper support or
in our multifunctional mirror where aesthetics, utility and technology come together and are enhanced to take another step forward in quality of service.