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It’s presented as a current business challenge, but at Administrâpolis we have taken another step forward and moved towards the “Community of Paperless Owners”.

Until today, our communication of incidences,our messages to the Property Owners’ Community in the building’s physical environment were dependent on the doorman, the keeper or, even worse, a bulletin board that is usually an attack to the good taste and destroys the carefully designed aesthetics of the vestibules, which is why it is often relegated to a corner where it becomes something as unattractive as IT´S useless.

The multifunctional displlay of Administrâpolis overcomes these problems:

  • It can be installed in a prominent place because it looks like an ordinary mirror until we decide to show our messages.
  • If needed, we can remotely schedule the information we want to show; a meeting convocation, an accounting summary, a warning about the date of a maintenance work that is going to affect the normal operation of the building or even a season’s greetings.In other words, we can use it to show any message we want to transmit. At this point, the display will show the message with letters and icons that are clearly legible “’inside” the monitor. And we say “inside” because this display will continue to be a mirror, but at the same time it will allow the message to be visualized.Let’s forget forever the traditional bulletin boards. Let’s forget about messengers rushing to place a message. Let’s forget USING double-sided tape or pushpins and respect the style and aesthetics in the buildings we manage.The multifunctional display by Administrâpolis is an effective message board, which preserves aesthetics and integrates into the halls. The most important thing is the message being scheduled and launched without needing intervention by our teamWith it we’ll work more comfortable, more efficiently and transmitting a better image.

A step forward in quality of service!