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Who hasn’t left his wallet or keys at home, who hasn’t lost his umbrella or doesn’t remember where we put the damn pen.

The reality is that with the passage of time and the haste, the only thing we have never lost is our head, because we carry it irremediably united physically to our body.

But, stubborn reality has taught us that the only’ thing’ not attached to our body that we forget the least is our mobile phone, we all have one, we use it permanently and it is our faithful companion who is with us everywhere.

The smartphone allows us to do a lot of things every day and from this moment on we can do one more thing:

Open the garage door to park our car!!,

both the pedestrian and vehicle access door, because from Administrâpolis we offer you a “multiple door opener” system operated from your mobile phone in a personalized way, with private activation and registration.

We will no longer forget the keys or the garage remote because we just don’t need them anymore, we have it on our mobile with us.

just slide a finger and get the door open, simple and handy Can we ask for more?

Yes, we can ask for more because Adminstrapolis doors opening system is not a Bluetooh or wifi system that needs proximity, it is a real remote system, It that can operate your door from anywhere in the world…Just imagine you are out of the city and you receive your child’s call telling you that it is in front of the garage door and can’t go in because he doesn’t have the keys…, you just need to slide your finger on your mobile phone screen and the door will open, wherever you are!