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Good afternoon, Mr. Heche! or good afternoon, Who are you?

It is not the same using the first sentence than using the second one. It’s not the same to deal with your client by his name than having to ask him who he is.

We all want our customers to feel appreciated and comfortable because they know that we provide them with a high-quality service, but it is difficult to transmit quality when we don’t even know their name.

If we don’t know who the person entering our office right now is, we don’t know which property they belong to and this identification can be a hard challenge.

Property managers manage hundreds of buildings and residential resorts, dealing with thousands of owners. How do we remember the name of each of them at the moment it’s needed? How do we know the exact information needed for them as they come in to our office?

Facial recognition allows us to do it:

  • A facial recognition camera at the entrance of our office will show us the name of the person entering our office right now.
  • A camera with facial recognition in the meeting room will automatically register the list of attendees. To do this we’ll need a database with the picture of our clients and the facial recognition system will do the rest. It is only necessary to ask this question just one time.
    • Who are you? Once the answer is registered, the customer will be identified in the database

At this point, each time the customer visits us, our system will show his complete information.

We think that the next owners meeting will be the last time that we’d have to go through the whole property list. With the facial identification software of Administrâpolis properly connected to our databases, the list of attendees will be done automatically, with name address, property coefficient, debt situation… or whatever information we need.

It will be necessary to identify only the new owners, those who have never attended a meeting before or haven’t visited our offices.

Show us your face for a few seconds and the Administrâpolis facial identification system will give you access to the highest level of quality in Property Management!