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It’s difficult to explain the possibilities of Administrâpolis IoT sensors in property management because the applications are very diverse.

We can talk about:

  • pools where IOT sensors give us real-time information on pH, chlorine level or water temperature.
  • we can explain that a good access control with IoT will give us the occupancy rate of the gymnasium and its equipment.

But IoT sensors cover it all!

  • Are we concerned about the sound level? A sensor will indicate the level in real time while, if desired, it activates a light signal at the point of conflict.
  • Are you worried about a possible water leak? A consumption sensor sends a message to the mobile phone informing us of abnormal consumption and if necessary closes the stopcock for this supply.
  • If there is an electrical fault in the pedestrian staircase, a light or consumption sensor can instantly notify the person responsible for maintenance
  • Or a sensor in the machinery room door certifies that the door has not been opened, in other words, it alerts us that the maintenance team has not yet performed the corresponding periodical inspection.

    We can go on and on, but at some point this text must end, so we will close with a question that we’re sure you’ll answer affirmatively.

    why don’t we install an earthquake primary wave sensor?

    If this sensor is synchronized with the elevator dashboard and another occupancy or cargo sensors the elevators can be placed to the nearest floor to evacuate its occupants or lock them if they are empty, a few seconds that can save lives can be earned.

    Are you interested? We know you are.